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Where this can lead

A look at what's happening elsewhere, don't let this happen here...

For many of us, we didn't believe these things were happening, until we saw the videos. This is what you don't see in the news. We've combed through 1,000's of videos showing these. We only picked out just a handful to show you the variety of things happening elsewhere. The goalposts always move. Help your friends, family and nation from allowing this to happen here.

Forced Quarantine camps in China

Videos from around the world showing police response to citizens protesting for freedom

A Pfizer director admits at the EU that the claim that vaccines prevent transmission was made up

Police in Germany attacking Covid mandate protestors. 1 of 100's of videos from Europe.

New Zealand's Prime Minister saying she's creating 2 classes of people & vaccinated people will have more rights.

Australia police beating construction workers for protesting being fired from their job for not being vaccinated.

Austria locking down only unvaccinated people. Citizens must show paperwork to travel.

Australian being arrested for the crime of wearing the wrong color hoodie because it matched the protest colors.

Police shooting rubber bullets and tear gas into peaceful freedom demonstrators at the World War Memorial

Police break into woman's flat to force her to get tested.

Queensland government officials announcing quarantine camps. Camps around the country have been used for travelers, elderly, pregnant moms, & the unvaccinated.






Screenshot from the US Dept of Homeland Security - NBC News

Don't let it happen here....

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