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What you need to know

Vaccine testing, developers and suspensions

Lack of Testing Explained

The vaccines did not have traditional standard efficacy testing and patient trials. Medication and vaccine studies can take decades and even vaccines built on traditional technology often fail on the first few tries. Some vaccines for viral issues like the HIV vaccine were never developed even after decades of research even by the NIAID which Dr. Fauci is the director of. Yet, under an emergency authorization, multiple Covid-19 vaccines were developed within roughly 1 year with no long-term studies. 

Founder of the mRNA Vaccine Technology

The founder of the mRNA vaccine technology Dr. Robert Malone has come out publically and has told the FDA the mRNA vaccine technology for the Covid-19 vaccines is not ready. The former Pfizer Vice President has come out against the current Covid-19 vaccines and the FDA had several lead vaccine scientists quit over the course of 2020. For additional quotes of experts and studies of countries with high Covid-19 and vaccination rates look at this study.

Medical Side Effects in America

Today according to John Hopkins the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. is medical errors and a large contributor to deaths in the U.S. is medication issues. Sometimes this is just the risk we run in an imperfect world where we must weigh the positive or negative outcomes of a medical decision. There is risk with Covid, and there is risk with the vaccine. However, where there is risk there must be a choice and it must be up to the individual to decide, not a mandate.

Covid-19 Vaccines Already Suspended

AstraZeneca and Johnson&Johnson vaccines both had PR issues with unexpected adverse reactions. Almost 20 countries suspended or banned AstraZeneca or Johnson&Johnson because of reactions already experienced within a few months.

Legal Immunity for Vaccine Creators

Vaccine creators and manufacturers are legally protected from liability and harm they may cause. National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (1984) and Compensation Program National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (1986). You can view info on the Acts here.

Two Examples from History

Below is an example of a medication that was developed to help treat a number of cancers and skin issues. Cancer is a horrible medical issue that ends in thousands of fatalities everyday. The medication was helpful for some, but for thousands of others it had no effect and for thousands more it ended in birth defects and miscarriages.


Think unprecedented vaccine injuries and deaths are new? We’ve been here before ... as recently as November 2017. Here you may read about the Dengue Viral vaccine rollout (Philippines) using research funded by the French pharmaceutical company, Sanofi Pasteur, and the painful effects. At the end of the day, this is a choice that affected the health and well-being of the people who took it (for life). It had to be their decision because they were the ones who lived with the consequences of their decision.

With the vaccine, it should be the patient's decision to decide what's best for them and weigh the risks.

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