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It doesn't end here

The hardest part of 2 weeks to flatten the curve is the first 2 years ... or is it? Will it end? We've been told except on rare occasions that Covid-19 vaccines would prevent Covid-19 death. We've been told the vaccines would be safe. We've been told they will keep you from spreading Covid-19. We've been told if people get the vaccine we can go back to life as usual. No more lockdowns. If vaccines prevent death, why have significantly less people in the US died of Covid-19 in 2020 than 2021. If vaccines help, you would think it would be the opposite. In heavily vaccinated populations like the UK, Israel, and Ireland over 70% of Covid-19 deaths are among the vaccinated. Anthony Fauci and the CDC have since said if you're vaccinated you can still spread Covid-19. The 2021 reports to the CDC's VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) for adverse reactions from Covid-19 vaccines is greater than all other vaccines administered in 2021 ... combined. Ireland which has a 90%+ vaccination rate and Gibraltar who has 100% vaccination rate went back into lockdown in December of 2021.

This is not the first time this nation has experimented on its citizens. Watch our video we've posted here on the history of experimental jabs on Black Americans and the military Tuskegee experimentations.

How long are you prepared to wear a mask? How many boosters are you prepared to take even if each shot is another chance for an adverse effect? How many lockdowns can you last through? How many can your employer last through? How much inflation can you handle? How much can your family handle? If they ask you to take a new medication or vaccine that you don't want what do you do then if the precedent has already been set that they can restrict your travel, employment, livelihood, reputation, and access based on your health choices? What if there's a medication in the future you don't want, but a doctor can label you "non-compliant" if you don't take it. That means you can lose your insurance, lose your doctor, and lose access to your current medication. It's already happening in the US. Lawsuits have been launched. Hopefully, patients can keep their autonomy. However, multiple hospitals are kicking people off heart transplant lists, kidney transplant lists, surgeries, and labeling patients as non-compliant causing them to lose access to medication... all for refusing the vaccine. None of us know all the right answers, but the answers we choose don't just affect us now, it affects us in ways we don't expect in the future and affects our neighbors. 

Examples of American medical experiments

Examples of news stations being given a coordinated script

Medical studies seeing how to convince people to take the vaccine

The future hasn't happened ... yet

Our actions now affect the future. For example: What keeps a pharmaceutical company in the future from promoting a medication they say is safe. It doesn't have years of research. It ends up being unsafe. It ends up you don't want it. They have legal immunity from being sued for adverse side effects. They land government contracts to distribute the medication. Your tax dollars pay for the meds and pay for PR campaigns to get people to take the meds. If you don't take the medication they can restrict your employment and travel. We don't have to imagine too hard because it's already happening with the vaccine. However, this doesn't have to be the future, this has never happened before. Right now we're writing history and determining how future generations and our generation is treated. We determine if we protect our rights and the rights of others. Here's another analogy...

Why does this matter? {An Example}

Please read the previous paragraphs, or this won't make sense.

Here are the side-effects of the top 3 most used medications in the US:

  • seizures

  • nosebleeds

  • heavier periods

  • bleeding gums

  • bleeding in the brain

  • swollen glands

  • general feeling of illness

  • joint and muscle pain

  • skin rash

  • shortness of breath

  • vision changes

  • and 20+ more...including death

Are you prepared to live without the ability to tell your medical provider if you want to refuse these? If a pharmaceutical company, the doctor, and the pharmacy can make money from the sale who is there to protect you from the self-serving interests of others if you no longer have the right to refuse yourself? If your doctor wants to protect you but his or her medical association, medical board, hospital or insurance partners will pull his ability to practice medicine would your doctor jeopardize their career for your health. No one can pay off all the doctors, but they can pay off a few politicians or a few members of a medical board. Sometimes they would only need handful to change their vote. For self-serving regulation sometimes they only need 51% of the politicians or board members. Sometimes legislation regarding the medical field passes with only changing 1 to 2 votes. Those are the votes that stand between the law and your freedom of choice. If you threaten to vote agains them sometimes they don't care, because their re-election war chest just got a lot bigger. If you choose not to take a medication because of side effects like those mentioned above and as a result you're labeled by your medical provider as "non-compliant" are you prepared to lose access to all the other medications you're taking? For many this is what's happening with vaccine policies. When they refuse the vaccine they're now denied medical services such as heart transplants, medication, hospital visits etc.

Illinois Mom Loses Parental Rights for Refusing Vaccine

Oregon doctor no longer able to see patients because she refuses to take the vaccine.

Examples of pressures on medical staff

Patient removed from kidney transplant list for not getting the vaccine. #ForYourHealth


1 of 1000's of videos like this. A woman refused entrance to a hospital for not having her vaccine. #ForYourHealth

Unintended Effects from Covid-19 Measures

This, combined with the stress of lockdowns, job loss and general anxiety, have led to further issues of dangerous levels of alcohol consumption, mental health issues, and increased domestic violence.

Education Effects {IQ + Grades}

The first years for a child are crucial for cognitive development and can affect permanent development. Lockdowns caused the closure of workplaces, schools, nurseries and occasionally playgrounds. Parents were stressed and stretched while attempting to juggle working and childcare. With restricted stimulation at home and decreased interaction with the world outside, infants and small children during Covid lockdowns appear to have scored shockingly low on cognitive development tests. Multiple studies show pandemic babies have as much as 22% lower IQs on average. Children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds fared the worst.

In elementary education grades plummeted especially in low-income areas. Many students were held back, and many had to change college plans. In some extreme instances in the US, grade averages dropped as much as 70%.

Abuse and Violence

National alcohol sales surged 54% in the first week of the pandemic, with a long-term increase of 39% in women and 27% in men. This obviously does not help the domestic violence issue. China had a domestic violence increase of 300%, Brazil 50%, and the UK lines soared to a 200% increase in volume. In the U.S. a 2020 Boston study showed the following: radiology scans and superficial wounds consistent with domestic violence abuse from March through May in 2020 exceeded the totals for the same period in 2018 and 2019 combined. With all this there is no surprise that 53% of adults have experienced worsening mental health that they attribute to worry and stress about the pandemic, not to mention the effect on the future generation of the US.

Mask Effects

Masks have been proven to raise carbon dioxide levels in the blood, while lowering oxygen levels. They trap pathogens along with droplets, mucus, and spittle that significantly increase the body’s viral load while affecting the immune system. Masks also affect the psychological development of children. While much lower in importance, masks also affect the EQ development for infants and small children. Reducing the ability to learn emotion through facial expressions and reducing complex facial recognition stimuli through masks can also have an effect on children's development.

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