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Medical Info

What is Covid-19

SARS-CoV 2, a new strain of corona virus, stands for “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Corona Virus 2.”  SARS-CoV 2 is the cause of the Coronavirus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) which was first identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019.

Click here for more information on SARS-CoV-2.

Where did Covid-19 come from?

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) still states that the virus was first transmitted to humans from bats, that assertion has been widely disputed.

mRNA Vaccine Changes

This is the first time in history vaccines have been used to alter mRNA. The Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are not vaccines in the traditional sense. mRNA directly interacts with DNA which is the code that runs our body. DNA dictates the standard operating procedures for all of our body's systems (circulatory, reproductive, respiratory, metabolic, nervous system etc). This doesn't mean they should or shouldn't be used it just means it has the potential for very vast bodily effects. Patients should have the right to decide if they want to take medication or vaccines.

Diversity of Protocol Suppression

There is a growing recognition that the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration have suppressed outpatient treatment options for patients suffering with COVID, specifically ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Here is information on how your healthcare provider may be restricted with what options they can offer without jeopardizing their job.

Testing, Developers & Suspension

Emergency authorization pushed decades of research into 1 year. The founder of the mRNA vaccine technology has publically asked vaccine rollouts to be halted. Almost 20 countries have already suspended or banned 2 Covid-19 vaccines because of issues. Click here for things you may not know.

WHO explaining vaccines don't stop transmissions.

Interview with the mRNA vaccine technology inventor

Explaining side effects

How bad is Covid-19 really?

The CDC has attributed more than 800,000 U.S. deaths to COVID. This estimate has been widely misunderstood as public understanding of the role that both age and comorbidities play in mortality risk changes (i.e. whether someone dies “from COVID” or “with COVID”).

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