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Covid Numbers

Understanding the Numbers

Many estimate, based on a CDC study, that the actual number of deaths due to COVID (as opposed to ‘COVID-related’) is closer to 30,000 (3.5% of the 800,000 deaths at the time of writing). The study shows that only 3.5% of patients who died with Covid had 1 or 0 medical issues at the time of admittance. Realistically the numbers for cause of death are probably somewhere in the middle, and no one will ever know. Many people test positive for Covid-19 but are asymptomatic. A person could be found to be positive with Covid but be hospitalized and die as a result of their pre-existing medical issue. The CDC estimated that roughly 40% of Covid hospitalizations were patients hospitalized "with Covid" rather than "from Covid."


Hospitals initially had a monetary incentive to categorize deaths and hospitalizations as a Covid-19 related. The CARES Act paid an additional 20% on top of traditional Medicare rates during the public health emergency. Hospitals could get reimbursed more for patients on ventilators or for patients who died from Covid-19. So, for example, if a patient who had Covid was admitted to a hospital as a result of an auto accident and died the cause of death could mean a much different revenue amount for the hospital. The amount varied based on geographic location as well as other factors. There's no way to know what numbers were embellished, only that there was a monetary incentive for a hospital to label a death as Covid-19.

It's getting more difficult to research various statistics and numbers. Facebook has begun changing its algorithm to hide and reduce the reach of Covid information that differs from that of government agencies. Facebook has begun banning ads with vaccine information or research it disagrees with. YouTube has demonetized content creators with research that contradicts the WHO or CDC. YouTube has banned video content that questions the vaccine removing over 130,000 videos within a few months of the start of their censorship. Twitter has started to use artificial intelligence to auto-censor content about Covid that it does not want. Pinterest has also begun to censor. Many experts have pointed out the increase in censorship from search engines like Google as well as shadow banning from other tech giants.

More people died in 2021 of Covid-19 (after vaccines became available) than in 2020. That's even with monetary incentives in 2020 under the CARES Act for hospitals to inflate the numbers and try to categorize deaths as Covid related. 

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