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Additional Treatments

Suppression of Patient Options

Doctors have had their licenses and livelihoods threatened by medical boards for speaking out or prescribing these inexpensive measures to keep people out of the hospital. Here is a link to the current NIH Protocols for COVID treatment. This is the treatment and prescriptions protocol medical providers are instructed to follow for us. Deviations from these protocols are subject to scrutiny by licensing authorities. Here's just one story of many doctors who have lost their licenses when risking prescribing Ivermectin. The Federation of State Medical Boards has issued a warning to doctors prescribing other options for patients as it is outside of the "Standard of Care" practices. This pressure is partly why CVS and Walgreens will no longer fill prescriptions for Ivermectin for Covid patients.

There has been an increase in Ivermectin complications within the last year but this is primarily due to patients no longer having access to Ivermectin through medical providers. So they are left to obtain it and self-dose without the assistance of a medical provider. Hospitalizations increased year over year by 163% from Ivermectin bringing it to ... 1,143 hospitalizations. Only a fraction of which were fatal. Compare that to the hundreds of thousands who died on ventilators. The cost of Ivermectin is a few dollars a dose, the cost of ventilators for patients is $12,000 - $88,000. (Ivermectin at the time of writing has since gone up as a result of restrictions, supply chain issues, and demand). Many ventilator patients have long-term lung issues, as a result of ventilators, that require long-term medical assistance. When patients with Covid visited hospitals they were told to go home and rest and come back when they had difficulty breathing, at which time ventilators were the option. So thousands of patients every day were left to quarantine until they got worse with no other assistance offered. 


Part of the reason experts guess that deaths in the U.S. were so high for Covid compared to less developed countries is less developed countries allowed the use of preventatives like Ivermectin.


Here is a resource for connecting yourself with these options in the U.S.

Here is a link to an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist, epidemiologist, internist, and an expert on multi-drug treatment for the prevention of complications, hospitalizations, and death from COVID.

Here is a book for purchase to better understand protocols: Overcoming the COVID-19 Darkness: How Two Doctors Successfully Treated 7000


In French Polynesia Dr Jean-Paul Theron a doctor targeted by the Council of the Order of Physicians, was arrested at his home for administering Ivermectin for Covid patients. Just 1 of 1,000's of doctors arrested.

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