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Covid is serious. Many of us have had family members die from Covid. Our volunteers include vaccinated and unvaccinated. Our volunteers range from lawyers to doctors, nurses, IT programmers, moms, and college students. We have one thing in common.


We don’t claim to know everything, all we want is the freedom to learn and to make our own choices. No matter what you currently believe, most likely you believe it’s hard to know what to believe. These are complex issues. People with little to no background in medicine suddenly become experts overnight. No one person is an expert at everything. We also acknowledge the reality that whether planned or exploited, this historical event has been manipulated by national and world leaders to advance self interests.


We live in a time when reasonable people must ask themselves: “Is this misinformation or truth?” “Is this news or propaganda?” or even, “Is the truth being censored?” We want to provide access to videos and information that you may not have seen or have access to … until now. Make your own decisions.

The Hard Truth

2,308 Videos

We sifted through this many videos to try and find the best.

21,260 minutes

The amount of minutes spent reading research papers to bring you info.

1,100+ Helpers

Number of people helping with this project.

40.1 Million

People reached this month through new billboards.

Looking at vaccine passports and mandates

Interview with the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology

About Firefly Front

  • Who is Firefly Front?  We are volunteers, parents, college students, grandparents, educators, medical, legal, and business professionals.

  • We value the Nuremberg Code and the law of ‘informed consent.’

  • We value all of our constitutional rights, including freedom of expression, speech, and assembly.

  • We value science and embrace a spirit of inquiry.

  • We are not anti-vaccine.

  • ... and like you, we are not conspiracy theorists.

Mission Statement

Firefly Front exists to protect citizens' health freedoms, promote freedom from mandates, and provide a place to preserve the truth. We exist for all who have been affected by COVID-19 and our nation’s unbalanced response.​


Anyone trying to take down this site including but not limited to link disabling, restricting visitor access, or removing this site will be named as defendant in legal action. Our team of lawyers are standing by.

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